Thursday, November 18, 2004

XD3 : Stardust

Tonight was the first of three XD3 media events. I took part in organizing XD3 along with a group of design/media enthusiasts lead by JD. It is very rewarding and exciting to be part of organizing an event from scratch. From nothing - something. Bang! After several monthly meetings at Starbucks in La Jolla Village Square, our group of 10 put minds and efforts together and the result was a successful event that even brought profit for the San Diego Chapter of AIGA.

The venue we selected was perfect for the occasion. The back room at Ventanas, (if it could be called a "room" -- it's more of a warehouse space), provided the proper setting for this event - wide open space, industrial look and feel, vaulted ceilings, etc. The sound system was provided by Todd, via Merge Life & Music. And that sound system made my night. Todd hooked me up with a full-on club set-up including a pair of great sounding monitors. I was so excited about DJ-ing tonight, that once I started soundchecking at around 4pm, didn't realize the time go by and kept playing for more than 3 hours straight. Lost in music. At close to 7pm I lifted my head from the turntables to be facing a crowd of 100 people. I was in my own world of luscious sounds and pounding beats. I kept drinking too, which maybe added to my natural musically-induced buzz. And for that, Glenn Van Houten is all to blame. He showed up at 4pm with a bottle of bourbon and a smile on his face.
Anyway, so I loved DJ-ing tonight, and I loved that people loved it too. Getting compliments from complete strangers is very flattering, I tell ya. One of the bigger compliments, however, was to see Bello show up, reprazent, support, and kick it. Bello blogged about the night in his own words and pictures.

Matt and Jake from Stardust showcased their impressive work on the 3 large video screens. Both, Matt and Jake, were down-to-Earth, friendly and approachable. Their presentation was inspiring and entertaining, although I wish they had done more in-depth case studies showing the entire creative and production process -- from start to finish.

After the event, Marie, Bello and I hit Tivoli's. The bartenders didn't call our names, but maybe that's because it was Bello's first time there. Next time. Hanging out at Tivoli's was Bello's turn to DJ. He kept feeding the jukebox dollars and pleasantly surprised Marie and myself with a selection of "I Wanna Be Adored" by the Stone Roses, amongst a bombardment of songs from some of his fave metal bands - Motley Crue, Metallica, and Van Halen.

Next XD3 event is scheduled for December 15th and I can't wait to DJ again. A newfound-passion of mine is finding realization and I am feeling excited about future opportunities to do this more and more.

Krassy Can Listen To It: "Mama Konda" by Timo Maas


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